Manage IT Project platform is the perfect place for IT project management. It allows to streamline the work for many people and teams. Users can cooperate with professionals from around the world as well as get IT work orders.

Set project scope

Clear and approved requirements for each project is a key issue. Do not allow any interpretation of the scope of your project. Take advantage of the functionality of requirements registration and approval. Agree requirements with the project owner and keep track of the changes.

Store source code

Remote work forces code synchronization between multiple cooperating individuals. Use Subversion code repository and automated deplyment functionality to streamline the process of creating the code in your team.

Control quality

Production of stable software required to implement appropriate processes for measuring the quality of the code. Use the functionality available in the system to support the process of registration and handling of test problems. Link registered test issues with the project requirements.

Discover great features

Projects platform provides many features that together compose an excellent tool to support remote work in IT projects. The system may be used by users with major IT roles like: project managers, analysts, production managers, developers, testers, administrators and many more. Users have the ability to manage the project schedule, create requirements, create source code, reister test issues, register and report work time, publish Wiki content and buy external IT services.



Effective team management requires knowledge, experience and properly constructed procedures. Team management functionality on platform can greatly support these processes. The team manager has the ability to create new teams based on custom roles or pre-defined roles. Each team role can receive dedicated permissions like 'write and read', 'read' or 'no access' to the specified system functionalities. Project resources can be temporary extended by external experts and freelancers .


Even more great features

Project milestones

Define milestones for your projects. Link test issues and work time registration entries with project schedule. Define tasks for milestone entries.


Define different types of requirements for your project: business, functional, nonfunctional and use cases. Use the requirements wizard. Submit requirements together with the sponsor of the project.

Test issues

Register test issues. Control priorities applications. Support quality control processes in your project by providing requirements to the testers.


Document processes in your project. Publish content and categorize it. Share repository content with users participating in your projects.



Manage multiple streams of code within a single project. Assign permissions to Subversion repositories for teams and individuals.


Define code deployments to external systems. Transfer files for specific code revision numbers manually or automatically. Use FTP or SFTP protocols.


Build a team for your project. Assign roles to team members. Define roles access permissions. Invite external cooperatives to the project.


Generate work time reports for your teams members. Check the utilization for specific milestones in the project. Use hours listings to settle systems service agreements.

Pricing platform accepts credit cards payments.

Credit Cards
  • Free project
  • The creation and use of a single project is free. No credit card required.
  • 0$ / month
    Projects count (1)
  • Storage (1 GB)
  • Subversion (20 repos)
  • Requirements (no limit)
  • Test issues (no limit)
  • Teams / Users (no limit)
  • sign up
  • Paid projects
  • Starting the second and subsequent projects is paid. Credit card registration is required (*).
  • 2.99$ / month
    Projects count (2+)
  • Storage (2 GB)
  • Subversion (100 repos)
  • Requirements (no limit)
  • Test issues (no limit)
  • Teams / Users (no limit)
  • sign up

(*) - please contact us directly on issues related to increasing the capacity of repositories or in matters of custom projects executions.


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